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Regular version of the site

For the new academic year, we’ve updated the section with e-souvenirs: we’ve added useful planners and a new sticker pack for Telegram. We hope they will help you in your studies and work.

Here you can also find screensavers for your computer and mobile phone, ZOOM backgrounds, checklists and much more.

Wishing you a wonderful academic year!

NEW New Year – 2022

Antistress colouring book

Illustrations by Sofia Ivantsova


HSE University snowflakes

Design by Sofia Ivantsova

Download patterns

Wallpapers for smartphones

Illustrations by Kristina Yuryeva


Wallpaper with views of HSE University

Photos by Daniil Prokofyev

Select and Download

HSE University Birthday Cards

Illustration: Sofia Ivantsova


Illustration: Sofia Ivantsova


Illustration: Marina Fedorova


Illustration: Amira Kuanyshbek


Planners 2021

Our planners will help you complete all tasks, remember about the deadlines and maintain useful habits. We’ve also added the dates of exams and vacations for the 2021/22 academic year to our 3-month planners to make them even more useful.

NEW Telegram Stickers

For all occasions

Crow Jr.

Illustrations by Maria Eremina

HSE University. Cornerstone

The project HSE University. Cornerstone covers the history of the buildings the university occupies today

Wallpapers for Friends of HSE University

Not for your room, but for your desktop

 For PC (PNG, 4,54 Mb)

 For mobile devices (PNG, 6,59 Mb)

 For PC (PNG, 4,67 Mb)

 For mobile devices (PNG, 6,76 Mb)

These wallpapers suit all types of stationary and mobile devices. You can adjust the size and concentration of crows to even just one pixel if your heart desires.

Wallpaper with views of HSE on Pokrovka

For PC (JPG, 5,85 Mb)

For smartphones (JPG, 15,15 Mb)


For PC (JPG, 16,18 Mb)

For smartphones (JPG, 7,64 Mb)


For PC (JPG, 16,14 Mb)

For smartphones (JPG, 6,89 Mb)

For PC (JPG, 5,84 Mb)

For smartphones (JPG, 15,04 Mb)

For PC (JPG, 11,23 Mb)

For smartphones (JPG, 5,21 Mb)

For PC (JPG, 17,72 Mb)

For smartphones (JPG, 7,46 Mb)

FOr PC (JPG, 7,46 Mb)

For smartphones (JPG, 3,69 Mb)

For PC (JPG, 9,69 Mb)

For smartphones (JPG, 4,25 Mb)

For PC (JPG, 10,45 Mb)

For smartphones (JPG, 4,78 Mb)

Virtual backgrounds for ZOOM with views of HSE

Stay at HSE even during the quarantine period

Click on the image and it will open in a new window. Detailed information on how to install it are available here

Quarantine pack

During the stay-at-home order, it is vital to follow some useful routines. Together with the Centre for Psychological Counselling we have prepared a checklist of useful tips that will help keep your spirits up while you’re at home. Print it out, hang it above your desk, and try to follow the tips on the list every day.

As a bonus you’ll get a warm-up on the couch with the Crow from HD Dance and STUDLIFE.


Feel Good Checklist (JPG, 4,88 Мб)


Couch warm-up with the Crow (JPG, 4,41 Mb)

Plan Your Year with HSE University

To those beginning their studies and planning on not missing a single deadline in the new year, we invite you to begin preparing now.

With the help of new beginnings, calendars and planners with our beloved HSE crow can be begun any time of the year. You can print them out in any size, paste them into a day planner or hang them over your desk. It is has been proven that these tools retain their value regardless of how they are used!



 Calendar (PDF, 16,51 Mb)


 Planner (PDF, 24,99 Mb)


 List (PDF, 18,49 Mb)

T-Shirts for True HSE University Students

It’s official – you’re now a student of HSE University. You’re done dreaming about it! Now it’s time to let everyone know about it.

 Design 1 (PNG, 438 Kb)

 Design 2 (PNG, 473 Kb)

 Design 3 (PNG, 6,59 Mb)


Cake Stencil

Your worries are behind you; your documents are now safely nestled in the data base of the HSE University admissions office. Now it’s time to eat away your stress! But how do you turn a regular old cake into an HSE University cake fit for a celebration?

Download the HSE cake stencil → cut it out on a piece of sturdy cardboard  → place it on your cake and sprinkle on something sweet.


HSE University embroidery

Embroidery and knitting patterns

We have something for those who can’t stop thinking about HSE University even in their free time. We are sure that after (or during) a hard day what you need is a calm, contemplative, activity. Try to spend some time crafting while preparing for an exam or during an important meeting: fine motor skills train the brain, and you will have energy for new achievements.

Patch for beginners

60×60 cross stitches (PDF, 1,41 Mb)

Wall art for professionals

120×120 cross stitches (PDF, 712 Kb)

Pillowcase for extreme crafters

180×180 cross stitches (PDF, 1,44 Mb)